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Owning On The Waterfront Is a Dream Worth Living!

As with any dream, it takes work to find the right path for you. The Destin area is surrounded by many forms of water. Let's take a quick look at just a few of the many options that are here for you:

Bayfront Homes

Bayfront brings waterfront owners a gorgeous view of Choctawhatchee Bay. Depending on which direction your home is facing, you will have the opportunity of enjoying sunsets year around. The water in the Bay can be tricky. Most of it arriving at the shoreline is clear, but quite shallow. This makes it ideal for swimming and boaters with jet-skis and pontoons, while simultaneously making it difficult for boats with longer drafts needing deeper water. It is easily accessible for other friends and family boaters to visit from the water, which is an entertainer's dream! The majority of homes owned along the bayfront reach 3-4 feet of water in the Summertime and much less in the Winter. There is also a stronger storm surge due to the rough open water and high wind speeds during storms.

Bayou Homes

Bayou living, on the other hand, presents a boating advantage of deep water depths for many boaters with large fishing boats. In return, you will give up an expansive view of the Bay for perhaps a smaller view or go without a view depending on the property. The Bayous are tucked back behind the bay in coves, so please be aware that the number one obstacle for boaters here is bridge height (as our area does not have any opening bridges to accommodate boaters and the changing water depth). These bodies of water are also home to numerous Dolphin pods, a great place to bird watch, and are wonderful for kayaking and other water sports. Depending on the property, further back into the bayous the floor can be covered in marshland grass and seem mucky. It may or may not be a good swimming spot.

Canal Homes

Canal properties are very quiet, with minimal privacy and without a view. It is a great way to own a waterfront property and have easy boating access to the larger bodies of water without many of the additional responsibilities that occur with heavy storms. Typically, the piers or docks are installed horizontally which gives plenty of space for traffic within the canal. There is minimal breeze back along the canals, which limits storm surge but may bring still-water depending on how far back into the canal you are. Still water is known to be home to several wildlife such as water snakes, alligators, and mosquitoes.

Other waterfront options you may want to consider would be the Harbor, Gulf Front, the Santa Rosa Sound, and various creeks and lakes along the way.


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