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Navigating the NAR Confusion: What Sellers Need to Know About Commission Changes

kersten bowman realtor on nar updates

I know. The NAR article has most Buyers & Sellers in a state of confusion. What a mess! Grab a coffee because here is the main point:

Sellers, you can still have the right and ability to offer a commission to a Buyers Broker- the main difference being the offer of compensation will no longer be displayed or guaranteed via the MLS. The MLS is the main system agents use to hunt down your dream property.

Can you sell or purchase a property without an agent?

Yes! However, properties selling without an agent(s) present sell on average for 15% less than those with representation if they make it to closing. The majority of my Clients are out of state and rarely see the property in person until after escrow. Likewise, for those Agents that specialize in military relocation. So, who will show your property to them?

This is a no brainer, folks. Stay the course.

Please note- none of the changes will go into effect until the court approves the settlement. Current listing agreements will remain unchanged and are still considered to be valid.


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