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Unlocking Real Estate Opportunities: Appreciation, Interest Rates, and Timing

Kersten Bowman Realtor Discussing Interest Rates Destin Florida

Over here chatting about the real estate market.

Want to eavesdrop?

Let’s shift our focus from mortgage interest rates to appreciation values. Although the number of transactions were down, the price point along the Emerald Coast steadily increased again by about 6% last year! If you are looking to purchase a property within the next few years, your time is NOW. Hmmmm…

What if interest rates fall?

They just might! If they do, property values will continue to increase. Therefore, your profit margin on the property you purchased will have added some weight to your pockets. You’re welcome.

But, I’d rather wait for a good interest rate.

Define good? Let me tell you what you may miss if you wait for “good”.

  • Potential increase in property value.

  • Rental income.

  • Time well spent on your family vacation.

Don't lose time waiting on what could be. Instead, build your appreciation value and enjoy your fantastic asset!


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