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A Resource or Bust

Like many occupations, real estate has expanded to umbrella a number of secondary demands within the Client-Realtor relationship. Real Estate sales continue to be a priority, however has your real estate agent become a true resource for you? Here are some tips for you to ask your Realtor prior to listing your home

  1. Will I be hiring you or your assistant? Hiring a Realtor may mean that they have employees working on the tasks at hand on their behalf. While this typically means the Realtor has found numerous opportunities for growth in their own business, the most successful of Agents remember to keep a finger on the pulse of each transaction and provide a personable service to you as the Client.

  2. Are you available for my schedule? Real Estate Agents set and maintain their own hours of operation. Are both of your schedules open to maintaining a successful working relationship and will there be able to be consistent communication between both parties? Real Estate transactions can take weeks to years to complete. You will need to develop a cohesive working relationship to stay focused and balanced for the sale.

  3. Are you creative? Realtors have become more than just a sales person within the last several years. Their vision of who your Buyer could potentially be sets the course for your marketing campaign. Items such as photography, videography, Broker Open and Open House events, and contract negotiations may require your Realtor to think outside of the box in order to make your property shine to your target market.

  4. Do you have knowledge and experience in my property type and area? Real Estate Agents are licensed per state and have the ability to sell any type of property at any value from vacant land and residential homes to high rise condominiums and commercial real estate just to name a few. However, is a jack of all trades the best route to take for your property? A thorough understanding of your property type, sales market, pricepoint, and area can be the key to your successful sale.

  5. Do our goals align? Managing expectations is a key component of any working relationship. More times than not, the process to get there can be stressful, anxiety driven, complex, and emotional. Understanding a Seller's motive for selling a property and allowing a Realtor to create the path to get it sold will provide both parties with a clear image of the process. Sometimes, it is not about the dollar amount at the end of the sale.


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