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Am I Being Too Picky?

As seen on television, the Buyer with a smaller budget wanting a waterfront penthouse condo with an unobstructed view and a dozen amenities does exist. What advice do I tell my dreamers? I tell them to NEVER budge from the top three must-have items on their housing list! Whether purchasing a property as an investment or a primary residence, it is important to understand your own needs and get back to what made you begin searching for a home in the first place. So, how do you create your list? Here are a few questions that may help you to get started:

  1. Is this a primary home, investment home, or an investment home used often for a personal stay?

  2. What is your financial budget?

  3. Do you desire a neighborhood that maintains a Homeowners Association? Typically these types of neighborhoods will have amenities such as pools, basketball courts, tennis courts, sidewalks, or perhaps a beautiful entry way into the community.

  4. Is this a short term housing option for me (Less than 5 years) or a long term housing option?

  5. Do you prefer a single floor or two-story floor plan?

  6. How many bedrooms? How many bathrooms?

  7. Would you like a small or large yard?

  8. Would you like a garage? If so, how large?

  9. Would you like a private pool?

  10. Would you like a water view or access to a lake, creek, bayou, bay, ocean ect...

  11. Which school district suits your family, or perhaps for resale value what is preferred in the community?

  12. In what proximity do you prefer things such as your occupation, grocery stores, restaurants, parks, shops, and/or beaches to name a few.

  13. Do you desire to and/or have capability of doing a renovation? If so, do you prefer a big or small project?

  14. What is your preferred age of the home and/or all plumbing fixtures and appliances?

  15. Do the neighboring homes compliment the property?

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