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Traveling Fool: What You Should & Shouldn't Do At Home Before Leaving On Vacation

Don’t be a fool! Follow these tips to protect your home from unforeseen events while you travel:

1. I recommend turning off your water at the meter valve.

water meter shut off valve

This will prevent any leaks in your home that could be sitting until you return. Sitting water can be more than just a quick towel clean up. It can cause mold, wood rot, damage to flooring and other appliances, as well as ruin furniture and other products in the home.

2. Turn on your air conditioning unit to 75-78 degrees.

It is recommended to not turn your units off due to the potential growth of mold and other fowl smells in the home. Uncirculated air can also impact furniture fabrics and cause flooring and crown molding to separate.

3. Leave a recessed ceiling light on in the home to prevent any unwanted, exterior intrusion.

I recommend not using a lamp, as this could increase the chance of a fire. Also, leave on your porchlights or any other exterior lighting. Ideally only those with a timer or nighttime sensor.

4. Take out the garbage and empty the countertops, pantry, and refrigerator of any fresh food items.

Additionally, run the dishwasher on a quick cycle prior to departure. This will help to manage any smells, as well as, help to prevent bugs and rodents from getting into the home.

5. The laundry can wait!

I recommend not leaving your washer or dryer on while you are gone. This has been known to cause both mold when wet clothes are left in the wash and fires when the dryer cycle continues without assistance.

Enjoy your trip!


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